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Dual Teams With E.A.C.

Effort Attitude Champions = Elite Athletic Club

Elite Athletic Club
Dual Team's & Travel Trip Information

Elite Athletic Club - Travel Team Trips
E.A.C puts many Dual Team Trips together in order to have fun and compete Nationwide. We build a competitive and fun schedule that let's wrestlers have fun while chasing national exposure.  While many teams put Free Agent Teams together we do this to allow others to experience what we have to offer year round at E.A.C.  Our full time Academy wrestlers usually jump aboard our National Team Trips as do our wrestlers that attend our Technique/Training Camps. We do offer our Academy wrestlers first dibs on team spots but do not hold spots without a deposit.

We try and get wrestlers that are first from our room on a regular basis and wrestlers that have attended our camps.

We are a little more than what our competition charges for Dual Team spots. We have a full time Academy with overhead and still strive to be competitive but also provide high skilled coaches.

Gear is optional and never required. Choose any E.A.C. gear from our site, or wear any gear you choose. We like the athletes to have choices, but we do like to see them all in E.A.C Singlets if possible.

We never guarantee Gold Pool. We obviously put together the most solid lineups we can but also know that these are HS age and below children and at the end of the day it's about learning and having fun. *There are Trips we are more selective on and we will be transparent on those events. At the same time we take Rookie wrestlers and love to see them grow into hammers eventually!

NEW 💥 Loyalty Program Academy member, (currently paid on a membership & a representative of EAC) 10% off Dual Team Spots (Nuway & RMN Only)

Jumping on other Teams after committing for the same event - it will be noted and you will not be invited back to represent us on any trip. Bottom line it hurts the kids with last-minute voids and FFs

No Double Slots or Back ups unless discussed ahead of time.

No spots are held unless Deposit has been Made

Refunds will Only be given for event cancelation or team cancelation.

If you have to pull your wrestler we will actively look for a replacement and if we can fill the void with a paid wrestler we will refund the original deposit once we fill and spot is Paid. If you have to cancel and we are within 3 weeks of the event, the spot will open up and be given away as a paid spot to avoid a FF on the dual team.

Multiple Teams in the same Age Divisions. Example Elite Athletic Club D.Z. & Elite Athletic Club W.E. - when we build multiple teams like this in the same age divisions we try and make both as competitive as possible and try and do our best on who's on what team. We don't always get it right but we try and do our best.

D.Z. is for Coach Danny Zemlick who wrestled for coach English and later coached at E.A.C.  He may no longer be with us but he is always remembered.  W.E. is for Will Earls who we recently lost to a tragic car accident. Will was a part of Elite Athletic Club and will forever be with us.

We hope that you enjoy competing with us and hope to see you in the room, at camps, or on our dual teams.

Elite Athletic Club
Effort Attitude Champions

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